Monday, June 6, 2011

Sick, sick and then some more sick..

Wow, it's been over two weeks since I was last able to post on my blog and this has not been because we were off doing something exciting, we've all been sick. Firstly my husband had a couple days off - he must have been unwell as those of you who know him, know he just doesn't take time off work -, then Noah was unwell. A trip to the Dr and some antibiotics seemed to fit the tonsilitis, but then I managed to get sick too!  We've used up most of our local stores tissue supply in two week, visited the Dr five times and had between us had four courses of antibiotics. I thought all was coming well over the weekend until Noah got another bug which saw us using the services at the John Hunter Hospital for the first - and hopefully, last time. I did though think the staff were amazing and thankfully it appears to have been either a bout of food poisioning or an ingestion of strawberry product (Noah's allegeric to strawberries).

So up until a couple days ago I couldn't even find the energy to make anything, but since feeling a little better have put together a couple of cards I'm happy to share.  I promise to add them over the next few days!

I wish everyone good health! Cheers Julie

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