Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A whole lot of scraping.

I've finished project number one - 100 scrap layouts for Harrison's Little Wing Charity.  Harrison’s Little Wings Inc. is a not for profit organisation helping women with a high risk pregnancy, and families that suffer the loss of their baby through perinatal death. They use the completed lay outs for placing into albums which are then taken to the Mater Mothers (Brisbane, Australia) so they can be added to the box of memories for families to remember their little ones.

As all my close friends would know having an ample supply of paper craft goodies I was able to whip these all up in a day and a half and didn't even have to venture out of the house to buy anything - scary and sad I know. But finally it's all going and to good causes.

I found I did end up having made more little boy layouts than little girl ones, probably because I'm more used to doing these having Noah.

So if you've got a whole lot or even a little scrap paper and some embellishments lying around that you're not using - here's a way to help someone else out. 

Now to get to the post office so I can clear some space for my next project.

Enjoy - Julie

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