Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Calendar is finally done! Welcome to Christmas.

So I saw this project on line last year and decided I would like to try making one and have been planning on doing it for some months now.  But as per what often happens I realised it was the 1st of December and I hadn't actually begun any work on it yet!  Thankfully though on Friday Noah had a little friend over to play for a couple of hours and this gave me the time I needed to get most of the calendar completed.

The idea for this particular calendar comes from a lady called Beate. They main layout are the same but I changed bits and pieces to suit my likes - especially the papers and numbers.

The hardest part of the entire project was sourcing the tins but I did manage to get them from America and I know that they still have many left if you're interested. They are 2" tins or 5cm in metric terms.

The canvas I got at Riot Craft Stores at our local mall and the rest is all Stampin' Up products.  Cutting the paper squares took some time, as did attaching them all together then placing them onto the canvas.  I used velcro dots to hold on the tins so that they can be removed each day allowing the count down to happen.  The only thing that I did find somewhat frustrating is the fact that the tins are quite small so you can not fit much into them. I had ideas of being able to pop little Smurfs and the likes in them but there is now way they'd fit. I ended up having to fill them all with various sweets and tiny things like erasers and stickers. 

I'm missing a couple numbers at the moment as I didn't have any left overs in my chipboard set so have to wait until a new order arrives!

Noah loves the calendar which is really all that matters and I am pleased it's something I have made that will hopefully be around for a long time.

Enjoy - Julie

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  1. Julie this is fabulous! Your Advent calendar has turned out beautifully. I had promised myself I'd get one made this year, and guess what...nope it didn't happen.