Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post-It Note holders for teacher thank you gifts

It's the last week of Preschool for Noah on the base and he asked if he could give the teachers a gift to say thank you for the teaching him this year.  We normally do a small gift for his teachers so I didn't think twice about it.

When I asked him who he'd like to give a gift to he rattled off four names, five names, six names and by the end of the time we spent talking there were some 14 names. Fourteen - are you kidding. But when I stopped and thought about it many of the ladies at the Centre rotate around for breaks, lunches, programming time etc so all have had some interaction with Noah throughout the year.
After a lot of thinking I decided on the Post-It Note Holders that I've been keen to try making for some time now.  I managed to grab the Post-It Notes from the $2 shop (though they were somehow a lot more than $2!); but now that I've used them I would probably recommend spending the additional amount and getting the proper ones that are more tacky, as I did have a few problems with them coming apart at times.

Once my DH worked out the measurements in metric terms for me, the making process was very simple and surprisingly fast. The cardstock measurements are 20cm long and 9.5cm wide. You then need to measure in 9.5cm, 10.5cm and 11.5cm, score and fold on each of the lines.  Fold it using the centre scored line.  Don't be worried here when you notice that the front panel is shorter than the back - it works out in the end!

Still on the centre fold cut two shallow slits which the pen will go through.  The push this cut out part so it folds outwards while making sure the two side parts fold inwards.  You will need to add a little tape - the Sticky Strip is needed here as the normal snail does not work as it's not strong enough - to hold down the two sides.  Using more Sticky Strip attach your post-it notes to the base of the holder butting it up to the inside edge as can be seen in the photo below. I found I needed to put a couple of strips to make sure it held firmly. 

This is where the front panel then evens out and completely covers the notes. 

While I used Stampin' Up! cardstock for each holder to decorate the front panels I choose to use various patterned papers that I had lying around - yes another stash! I tried to match the papers as closely as I could with the post-it notes themselves. The paper measurements were approximately 9cm x 8cm, though if you just measure the front of your closed holder and take off about 5mm it should work nicely.

The stamp sets were again all SU - Aviary, Bliss (retired), Posy Petal(hostess), and Every Moment. The sentiments are unfortunately all retired ones but there are so many in the current catalogue that would be suitable.  Most were just stamped, but the Every Moment I used the Stampin' Pastels for a completely different effect.

The holders that I am happiest with and like the most are definitely the Avairy and Every Moment ones.  The Every Moment stamp set is a new one that I only acquired this week as it's a part of the December Frenzy and is a crazy 40% off. 

To cpmplete the holders I added the mini gel pens which I also managed to pick up for a few dollars at the $2 shop. The colours weren't the best as I would have preferred to have all black or silver but I had to use what I could find.  An alternate would be to just use big pens or small pencils if you can find them.

Finally I put them into the clear cello bags to ensure they will be in perfect condition when we give them to the teachers and cut a Top Note Die using my Big Shot Machine, stamped a Merry Christmas sentiment from the Contempo Christmas set and attached them using glue dots.

So let me know what you think by adding a comment.

Enjoy - Julie


  1. Wow they are great Julie! what lucky staff, I am sure that they will love them.

  2. Fantastic idea and I will 'borrow' it for future years once miss E is big enough to manage most of the making herself! They look amazing, you should do a Christmas market stall next year, selling these along with your cards if the littlest man allows!