Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taggies for Oliver and Gracee.

For those who know me well they know I'm not a sewer, but I can sew a straight line which came in handy this week. 

Oliver who is now 4 months old and putting everything possible into his mouth is in love with his taggie that someone gave him on his arrival into the world.  Of course we learnt from Noah that one of something just does not work and especially as it's constantly covered in slobber I decided Oliver needed a couple more.  Well search I did and there was not one I really like or if I did they were over $25 and then postage.  Nuts.  So you know me I'm up for a challenge and can at least do those straight lines so decided to embark on a little project and made my own.

The household now has 6 taggies as of course Noah needed to have two as well.  I'm really pleased with how them turned out especially as I was able to use up a whole lot of ribbon bits and pieces that otherwise would be going to garbage heaven shortly.

As always I did end up with left over material which I thought I'd put away for another project to which DH said make some more and either give them away or sell them - don't store more stuff!  So alas I remembered that tomorrow is the start of a wonderful auction for little Gracee who was born way too early and is still in America where her emergency delivery into the world was. Due to a bungle in insurance the family are up for the costs of all the medical treatment she's had which is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The taggies are made out of either flannelette or 100% poly cotton fabrics and are backed with minky fleece - which is so soft.  The ribbon tags have been sewn on three times to ensure they don't fall off and then the blankets are again stitched twice - so they're strong - but aren't meant to be bitten into - most little people just like rubbing the ribbons as they like the different textures.

So people get over to the Gracee's Appeal Facebook page and put some bids on my taggies to help bring Gracee home.

For those popping over from the auction I had hoped to get a couple others done as well and if I can get them done tonight or tomorrow I'll add them. If you would rather a girly one or like the cars I would be happy to have you bid on one of the ones on the page and then let me know out of the fabrics below which you'd rather.  The minky backings for these will be either red for the cars or a soft pale green for the other two. If I can track down the pale pink it too would be an option but please email me before you bid if this is what interests you as I would want to make sure I have the materials you're after. 

Enjoy - Julie

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