Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas cards for the Troops 2012

WOW! I had the most amzing day yesterday at the RAAF Base Williamtown, were I again this year meet up with some wonderful women who helped make some more Christmas cards to be send overseas to our serving personnel.

I loaded the car with lots and lots of goodies at 9am and off I went.

We made 800 cards in just over 4 hours which was a few 100 up on last year.  There will be a lot of happy families this year. 
For those who don't know much about the Cards for Troops, it is an initiative that began in the USA many years ago now. Up until five years ago there was no such cause in Australia.  Then Tracey decided it was something she was interested in beginning to made some calls and began making cards with her Mother and daughter Ellie. She even paid for the shipping of the cards to go overseas for the first few years.  It obviously began as a smaller cause but over the past five years with a lot of work Tracey has managed to spread the word and now has cards donated from people not only in Australia but also from overseas.
I become involved last year when there was a call out at the base to come and make cards for the day.  Being a military wife and the growing up with a parent in the RAAF I couldn't wait to help. As a Stampin Up demonstrator I was also asked by Tracey to assist with co-ordinating the day - which I loved. 
Since then Tracey and I have become good friends and I look forward to helping with all the Cards for Troops events. 
I was so excited this year that I was able to rope in a few friends from the area I live in and it not only was a very productive day but also a get time to catch up - child free!! My first child free day since my littlest man arrived in January. 
Yesterday we tallied the cards to date which is 1108, and we know there were about 50 more waiting to dry which were yet to be packaged. We are hoping to make over 7000 this year.
I - and believe me, my husband - was hoping that I'd be home sans all the card making stuff I took - which I might add was the case, but instead brought home all the cards packaged and ready to be sent.  As we now have a different sending system we can't actually post them until mid October so my lucky husband will keep them at his office on base until then!
Cards for Troops is not only a Christmas card event, we also do Mother's Day cards.  So basically as soon as Christmas cards are made, we get onto the Mother's Day ones and vice versa!
If you have some spare time and are able to assist in making some cards, we do need the Christmas ones before the 28th October, you can post them to me or to Tracey
Cards for the Troops                                                  
11 Bullecourt Cct                                         
Adamstown NSW 2289
Cards for Diggers
C/- 6 B Coraki Place
Hugs and a big thank you to everyone who has made cards already.

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